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Leak detection and repair

A water leak detection service is able to locate your water plumbing problem and find a solution, as well as fix a burst pipe or carry out a dripping tap repair. If not adequately addressed all three of these plumbing problems can waste New York's water supply - though perhaps at a slower rate, over time a water leak that is not detected or a dripping tap that is not repaired is likely to waste as much water as a burst pipe!
 A major burst pipe - a relatively ordinary plumbing problem - and a gushing flow of water in a fairly obvious location, water leak detection is not the difficult part, it is more a matter of ceasing the flow, and then to fix or replace the split pipe. One of our Bedford Plumbing and Heating plumbers can attend to turn off your water supply and replace the section of burst pipe. If necessary, we can even organize pipe freezing services to cease the flow while the section of burst pipe is replaced.